Dianna Hughes, LMT

Hi, I'm Dianna Hughes

I am the owner and state-licensed massage therapist at Cuyahoga Massage Therapy. My goal is to provide effective therapy to my clients and help them alleviate their discomforts.

My experience with chronic headaches and migraines caused by stress and long hours in a corporate setting led me to pursue this career path. Regular massage therapy helped me relieve the pressure and stress, reducing the frequency of my headaches.

This experience taught me how strong the connection between the mind and body is. I am now passionate about helping others find relief through massage therapy and positively impacting their overall health.

In the year 2017...

I had the opportunity to further my studies in Thai massage while in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I dedicated over a month of my time to learning the traditional techniques of Thai massage, which involve opening up stagnant or blocked energy lines through deep stretching and compression.

Thailand Training
Massage Room

Since 2018...

I have been serving the local community and my hometown of Berea, Ohio.

In the beginning of 2023, Cuyahoga Massage Therapy moved to a first floor private studio space located in downtown Berea.

Our goal is to offer a unique massage experience that sets us apart from other businesses.

Our clients are not just bodies, and each session is tailored to their individual needs.