Cuyahoga Massage Therapy prides itself on offering a distinctive and practical approach to massage therapy. We incorporate traditional massage and Thai massage to create a unique blended treatment that targets soreness and tension throughout the body. Our method uses deep compression and stretching, which promotes muscle relaxation and enhances mobility. By utilizing this approach, we can help our clients achieve a more rejuvenated and pain-free body.


75 Minute

You have the option to concentrate on either your upper or lower body. Suppose you have a particular area that require extra attention, such as your neck and shoulders or lower back and legs. In that case, we recommend scheduling a 75-minute session to target those specific concerns.

It's important to note that a full body massage cannot be accommodated within a 75-minute session, so please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment.

$125 (+8% Tax)

90 Minute

One of our most sought-after massage options is the 90-minute session. This massage allows you to customize your experience according to your preferences and needs. You may focus on specific areas requiring more attention and care, or you may indulge in a full-body relaxation massage that will soothe your muscles and calm your mind. Whatever your choice, we will ensure that every minute of your session is well-spent and tailored to your liking.

$150 (+8% Tax)

120 Minute

This massage session is well-suited for those seeking a comprehensive approach to address therapeutic and relaxation needs. Address and alleviate concerns across multiple body areas while ensuring overall well-being. Alternatively, you can divide the session into two parts if you prefer a more targeted approach. The first hour will involve deep stretching massage while you remain fully clothed, followed by a second hour, focusing on specific areas that require attention with regular massage.

$180 (+8% Tax)